Exciting News for our LCAF's Facebook!

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Our Low-Carbing Among Friends' Facebook page is a truly wonderful resource - but it has a serious, annoying drawback that is due to facebook's architecture. Except for the first screen or two of the facebook page, it's really not that easy to find all of those valuable recipes, news items, cartoons and other things from weeks gone by.  The photo search at the top of our page is somewhat useful, and will still be so for a while longer, but when there are hundreds of photos, it will eventually make searching for something in particular like looking for a needle in a haystack.

So, I've decided to do everyone a favor and INDEX our team's Facebook on my blog (see Right Hand Side) - categories will be prefaced LCAF-FB. It is a lot of work, however, I'll do it in a measured fashion - no more than 10 or so posts a day, on account of the people subscribed to my blog may be inundated with new (albeit high quality) posts - I would not want to send 50 posts your way, in just one day, for instance. Eek! Overall, when you see the finished product, I think you will agree that it is a small price to pay, and only for 5-8 weeks, until I'm all caught up indexing all of our Facebook page's posts - after that it will usually be only around 5 posts a day. Hope everyone can see the advantage of having our Team's fabulous professional   recipes and other informative and/or fun posts indexed in categories for easy searching and access whenever you wish. What an awesome resource that will be when it's all done! So please, if you can bear with me for a month or so, getting about 10 fabulous blog posts a day, you will end up being the big winner!