How to make Zucchini Pasta Noodles

I used to leave the peel on my zucchini pasta as in the image below.  Make you own fabulous spaghetti meat sauce and serve on a bed of "pasta".  However, I suggest removing the peel first and also not using the core with the seeds.  I use either a vegetable peeler or my spiral slicer which I bought on the internet.  I love the angel hair pasta setting and nowadays I prefer to remove the peel, because the peel definitely detracts in my opinion - it has a bitter taste.  You want a neutral taste just like regular pasta.  Some people go to the trouble of salting the zucchini noodles; check it out.

Here is how I used to make it using a vegetable peeler and leaving the bitter skin on the zucchini.

Here is how I make it these days - angel hair-style without the skin - fabulous!

Here is a video by a raw food enthusiast.  It's amusing to me to see the fancy stove and oven behind her.  Looks like she has an amazing kitchen - phew, beautiful!  Anyway, ignore the fact that she likes to eat it raw, the video will show you exactly how to make zucchini pasta.  Find the video here.

Here is a nice-looking SPIRALIZER - click to see.

Here is a GREAT TUTORIAL of how to cook your zucchini noodles....scroll right down until you find the cooking methods! (CLICK THE HIGHLIGHTED TEXT)

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