Oh Wow, Great Interview Stepanie Ruper did with Jimmy Moore as her guest

On Live. Love. Eat. Stephanie Ruper's new podcast, Jimmy Moore is guest #5.  This is an awesome interview!  You get to know the real Jimmy Moore a bit better.  Also, if anyone is struggling on a Paleo Low-Carb diet to lose weight, even although it used to work in the beginning... and you are frustrated... you really need to hear what Jimmy has to say.  He gained back 70 lbs of the initial huge weight loss (in the triple digits) over time and was having a tough time finding the sweet spot for his body to start losing weight again.  Dr. Eenfeldt mentioned to Jimmy that it is necessary to eat enough fat and I guess that's when a light bulb went off. He has now lost over 30 lbs!!  I'll let you listen....OVER HERE and HERE!