Here is an example of a good, delicious breakfast or brunch.  Breakfast sausage, bacon, Cream Cheese Scrambled Eggs (page 29 LCAF's, volume-1), Crepes, Low-Carbing Among Friends, Volume-1, page 26 (these days I skip the protein powder as I've heard tell that protein powders differ and can sometimes make the crepes a bit thicker than they need to be) filled with Barbo's Spicy "Apples", Low-Carbing Among Friends, Volume 1, page 73 and smothered in Maria's Caramel Sauce, page 129.  The crepes are very addictive, so keep them for a very special occasion.  Pancakes with the "apples" on top and smothered in caramel sauce will probably be less addictive.  The crepes taste too much like the crepes of our old high-carb days and at 3 grams per crepe that can add up if you eat 5 of them (I can easily do that!).