Another year has flown by! Once again we find ourselves scurrying around, perhaps super-rushed in order to get things ready for family and friend gatherings over Christmas and New Years.  Hope you will find time to enjoy the little things that can bring joy to you, and if you are suffering under a burden of sorts which at this time of year often seems magnified, all I want to say to you is that God is able!  There is always hope!  

Some good news is that we have 3 low-carb, gluten-free Low-Carbing Among Friends' cookbooks out in one year!  Volume 3 will start shipping in early January 2013.

I have a new version of my Splendid Gluten-Free Bake Mix in volume 3 (without xanthan gum!) with recipes showcasing it.  I will share the recipe on my blog soon.

God bless you all and your families.  Keep safe in your travels.  Thank you for your support this last year of our cookbooks, Facebook and blogs.  Every one of you who has taken the time to comment, I appreciate it and appreciate you!   Thank you!