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Dense, rich, moist cake bars that are great alongside a cup of tea or coffee.  This recipe is the result of a fan writing to me about her husband's favorite dessert.  She wanted me to recreate a low-carb version.  The first time I made it, it contained gluten, and now I've made it again with my gluten-free bake mix, however, using the option of gelatin instead of xanthan gum, which I find many people are rather suspicious of, or they simply do not tolerate it well.  Click here to find my Splendid Gluten Free Bake Mix 2 using gelatin.  I like using the gelatin option these days (it is a little less effective than the xanthan gum in keeping the product from being crumbly, but still very good and the health benefits of gelatin have totally sold me into using it more often).  I tend to have very weak nails and since using gelatin they are "as hard as nails"... lol  Good side effect besides the many other benefits of gelatin such as a good effect on connective tissue in the body and thus reducing pain.  Imagine it can even make you look a bit younger - geesh as we get older, most of us would welcome that!  I haven't finished reading this article, but do check it out, it looks promising on detailing some of the benefits of gelatin.  I need to get into the kitchen and cook as I still have company here until the end of the month.  ALL of that said, you can leave the gelatin out of most recipes without a problem.

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8 oz light cream cheese (250 g)
4 oz butter, softened (125 g)
Liquid sweetener (sucralose or stevia) to equal 11/cups sugar (300 mL)
1/cup your favorite bulk sweetener (60 mL)
1/4  cup whipping cream (60 mL)
11/2 tsp unflavored gelatin (7 mL)
2 eggs
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract (5 mL)
21/4 cups Gluten-Free Bake Mix 2, OR Keto Bake Mix (560 mL)
  (use 21/cups (625 mL) for the Keto Bake Mix)
21/2  tsp baking powder (12 mL)
1/2  tsp baking soda (2 mL)
1/4  tsp salt (1 mL)
1 cup sugar-free chocolate chips, OR this one (250 mL)

In food processor or in bowl with electric mixer, process cream cheese until smooth.  Add butter; process.  Add liquid sweetener, bulk sweetener, whipping cream, gelatin, eggs and vanilla extract; process.  Allow gelatin to soften 10 minutes.

In large bowl, combine Gluten-Free Bake Mix 2, OR Keto Bake Mix, baking powder, baking soda and salt.  Add to cream cheese mixture; process until combined.  Stir in chocolate chips.  Fill two greased 8 x 4 x 3-inch (1.5 L) parchment-lined (grease pan first to help parchment adhere) loaf pans.  Bake in 350°F (180°C) oven 40 to 50 minutes, or until cake tester comes out clean.

Allow to cool on wire rack.  Remove loaves and cut each loaf into 8 thick slices and cut down the center of each slice to make 16 bars per loaf or cut each loaf into 12 still generous slices.  Frost with Betty Crocker Frosting, if desired.

Helpful Hints:  These fudgy cake bars are not meant to rise very much – just high enough to make substantial, cakey bars.  

Yield:  24 or 32 bars
1 bar  - Keto Bake Mix option - usually around 1 gram less
159.1/119.4 calories
3.5/2.6 g protein
13.1/9.8 g fat
3.0/2.3 g net carbs


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