Karen Sorenson is a smart, young lady.  She is an engineer by day and by night she is creating up a storm in her kitchen.  She has a passion for everything she sets her mind to it seems (even working on a masters degree concurrently) and loves creating recipes for special diets, blogging and perfecting her photography skills.

I can see Karen has put her passion into this cookbook as well.  It is very professionally done – even down to the page layouts and the look and feel of the cookbook.  The photographs are fantastic.  It’s not easy to photograph some foods, but she does an amazing job.  Karen is definitely becoming a Paleo author from what I can see, except that she wisely doesn’t use honey and maple syrup due to the effect it has on one’s blood sugar.  However, she includes a blurb about those Paleo sweeteners in her pantry guide for those who wish to use them.

Many low-carbers moan and complain because they get awfully tired of eggs for breakfast on a low-carb diet.  I’ll be honest I rarely have eggs for breakfast.  I do enjoy a brunch occasionally with eggs included, but breakfast and eggs…nah, I’ve never been too crazy about that even prior to going low-carb.  Then there are others who don’t tolerate eggs very well.  Not to worry, here are some great alternatives for breakfast.  Karen has breakfast cereals and porridges, smoothies, breakfast cookies and how would you like strawberry crumble?  Yes, I know I honed in on the sweet stuff.  Fact is most of the recipes are regular foods like radish home fries, salmon cakes, spaghetti squash hash browns, grits, Dijon pork chops with “apple sauce”, breakfast pizza and a host of meats like bacon twists and homemade sausage made with different ground meats.

There is a useful pantry guide and she shows you in pictures how to make a chia “egg” which I thought was fascinating.  This is used in place of eggs in baking.  She also shows using photos in a step-by-step fashion how to deal with some tricky vegetables and how to make cauli-rice.

This inspired, breakfast targeted cookbook can give some great, fun variety to those who are tired of eggs for breakfast or for those who do not tolerate eggs well.  Congratulations on a great cookbook, Karen!  Well done!

NOTE:  The e-book is on sale until March 11th, for 40% ($5.99) using coupon code AWAKEN40.  The link to the sales page and more information is: