Have you ever wondered what other women might look like at the same weight, even if they are a bit taller or shorter than you?  This photo shows women with different shapes, sizes and height but they weigh exactly the same - 150 lbs!

The scale is only a tool to help you in your weight loss journey, but perhaps a better tool is to take your measurements and see how they are reducing in size.  Sometimes scale weighing can become obsessive.  I think I've had some periods in my life when I became more worried about scale weight than I should have been; but really it never tells the whole story.  It typically doesn't tell you how muscular you are, how toned you are, whether you have a big bosom or a big doesn't tell you a whole lot.  I think now that I'm older and wiser, it matters more to me how I look than how much I weigh.  Look in the mirror and if you think you need to lose some weight, then go about low-carbing and eating a bit less (I think this applies especially to women with a slower metabolism and those who are older (yep, they usually have slower metabolisms).  Introduce some moderate exercise like walking.  This was where I was reading about some of this interesting information.  Perhaps in order to lose weight some of us need to eat less than we think.

If you are already losing weight with ease on a low-carb diet, then disregard the above info.  If not, it is something to think about.  Here is a site where you can see photos of real women at your height and weight. I bet you look different to all of them.  It just goes to show!  The scale does not tell the whole story.  Go by how you look as well.