Check out this meal that I made for my dear hubby the other day.  Faux  Baked Potato, Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage (recipe coming soon) Vegetable Au Gratin Casserole, broccoli and cheese sauce, sausage and Battered Fried Fish.  Ian likes his beer - low-carb of course! How can that be called deprivation?  Low-Carbing is one of the most glorious ways to eat, but typically we need to spend a bit of time in the kitchen - what better way to use our Low-Carbing Among Friends Cookbooks.  Please check them out.  We can help you make your meals delicious and interesting!  At the moment the team is working on a fourth Low-Carbing Among Friends Cookbook coming out later this year.  This time the cookbook will be arranged by category, rather than by author, however, you will still know if the recipe is created by your favorite low-carb cookbook author.