Here is wishing all the wonderful Dad's out there a wonderful Father's Day tomorrow!!

Ian's Comment: For an old German like me, 2 PINTS of BEER, 2x FAUX-BAKED POTATOES (With Bacon and Cheese etc) 3 kinds of SAUSAGES, 1 BIG RIBEYE STEAK and some Token green stuff (with Bacon and Parmesan cheese) ALL for less than 20gr Carbs, is an awesome treat - and Father's day comes but once a year! You can save 7gr Carbs by not having the BEER, then it's all only 12gr Carbs TOTAL. But, for me, I wanted it to look and feel like a GENUINE SUMPTUOUS FEAST. it had a very AUTHENTIC "NAUGHTY & NICE" look and taste  We have to IMPORT the Michelob Ultra, and 1-PINT = $2.25, so even that felt like a restaurant meal UPDATE 1 DAY LATER: The good news is that though I (understandably) didn't lose weight - I didn't gain any either, at only 19gr Carbs = (The entire meal + 2 pints of LC Beer) this is a very acceptable maintenance or special meal ... so 
naturally I'm expecting to repeating it on Sunday. :) 

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