One of the most popular posts on my blog during the summer is my ICE CREAM CUSTARD, also found in Low-Carbing Among Friends, Volume 1.  I finally left this ice cream in the freezer for longer than a few days and it does eventually harden up.  If your freezer is super-cold, it might freeze hard sooner.  It's really not a problem as you can just nuke it briefly and it's ready to eat again.

I have a Lemon Pineapple Ice Cream to share shortly, but here is a reminder of a really good ice cream to make and enjoy this summer.  I use the cartons of whipping cream that stand on the shelf - and, believe it or not, ice cream made with this cream will usually remain scoopable.  You won't need glycerin or alcohol for that purpose.  This ice cream goes well with my CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE.  Yummy!!

Cream that sits on the shelf - this is the one I use - only I get it in bigger cartons for the ice cream.

Maybe this below is similar to what I buy?