UPDATE: Hurry and order now! In addition to the early December scheduled print-run for V4 & V5, There is a small (surprise) print run possibly being done next week, so some books are going to possibly ship before Thanksgiving (but probably after Thanksgiving) - for those early birds who didn't delay ordering their new books.  You can buy both books, or if you would like ALL 5 cookbooks, then go HERE. Click next to each book to order and then choose coil or perfect bound and continue. You get a fantastic break on the shipping for ordering all 5 cookbooks at once.

I'm so excited to announce that TWO new cookbooks, Low-Carbing Among Friends Volume 4 and 5 are now available for pre-ordering.  CLICK on the photo of the cookbooks to view a larger image. The coil bound options are still available.  Books are organized by category in the new cookbooks and not by author.  There are about 30 plus color photos in each cookbook!  Cookbooks contain about 200 recipes per book, written by the  talented, creative Low-Carbing Among Friends' authors and their low-carb friends.  Hope you will enjoy these recipes for years and years to come!  It will make staying on the low-carb, sugar-free and gluten-free way of life much easier and more enjoyable.  You need never ever feel deprived, or ashamed of your way of eating.

George Stella, Dr. Steve Parker and Dr. Robert Su are contributors to the cookbooks!

Thanks a million for your support through the years since we started this project, Low-Carbing Among Friends.  It's exciting to know we're helping real people out there!  We all work extremely hard through the year to bring you more and more exciting value-for-money cookbooks!  Enjoy!  This is a glorious way of living after all, besides the fact that our figures, complexions (yep, all that fat is good for the skin), etc. are so much better off for it, let alone our health.