Do you love milk chocolate, but you cannot handle too much of the sweeteners used in sugar-free chocolates?  This is a very creamy milk chocolate bar.  Sugar-free chocolates abound, however, most manufacturers use maltitol or polydextrose or sorbitol and any one of those sweeteners can cause digestive issues for some people.  Here you can have a chocolate bar with the smallest amount of sugar-free chocolate.  You can even reduce the amount by combining one ounce of sugar-free chocolate with unsweetened baker's chocolate, or simply use baker's chocolate.  You can increase the chocolate and reduce the cocoa butter.  You can find cocoa butter HERE! This is a fun recipe that you can play with to your heart's content. You can make a dark chocolate bar, or remember my WHITE CHOCOLATE BAR?'s a very similar recipe.

NOTE:  Unsalted butter would probably be a good alternative to coconut oil (flavor of which may come through too strongly for some people, depending on the brand used.  I liked my chocolate with the coconut oil, personally.  I used the NOW brand, virgin coconut oil or you can use this one from Amazon)

2 oz cocoa butter* (60 g)
2 oz sugar-free chocolate** (60 g)
2 tbsp coconut oil, OR unsalted butter (30 mL)
Powdered sweetener to equal 2/3 cup sugar (150 mL)
1/2  cup whole milk powder, OR skim milk powder*** (125 mL)
  (Note:  Coconut milk powder and heavy cream powder are available on Amazon or at Walmart)

In double boiler (or smaller pot over larger one with water in it), over medium heat, melt cocoa butter, chocolate and coconut oil, OR unsalted butter using a whisk to make sure the chocolate melts completely.  Stir in the sweetener, whole, OR skim milk powder*** and whisk until smooth. Pour into 9 x 5-inch (23 x 12 cm) glass loaf pan or nonstick loaf pan.  Freeze until firm.  Cut into squares.  Keep in the refrigerator.

**You may use unsweetened baker’s chocolate, however, you will need to adjust the sweetness – i.e. use more sweetener.  You can reduce the amount of cocoa butter and increase the baker's chocolate and make a DARK CHOCOLATE BAR.

***Skim milk powder is sometimes rather coarse – Measure the amount needed first, and then blend finely in a blender or coffee bean grinder, before using. Skim milk powder will give a darker chocolate result and may result in a grainy texture.  That is my guess from someone's experience in the comments. Splenda Granular will also not be the best choice here as that, too, might change the texture. Best results with whole milk powder – available in the Hispanic section of Super Walmart or Publix or in Costco. 

Yield:  18 (6 x 3) servings
1 serving
74.7 calories
1.1 g protein
6.5 g fat
1.5 g net carbs

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