Veggies are our friends.  Make sure you always have interesting veggies at meal times.  They are good carbs and when you make them interesting and satisfying, the low-carb lifestyle seems good and tasty.  If they are boring sides, you'll soon get tired of low-carbing, I imagine.

I often like to make Fried eggplant....I "bread" it and dip it in egg and then fry in light-tasting olive oil. (click) I tried frying in bacon fat...nope, not as good.  I would have thought it would taste better, but it sure didn't.

Here is my breading.  The broccoli you see in the photo is roasted broccoli.  Don't you also enjoy roasting veggies?  It brings out their natural sweetness in veggies.  Here is post I did on it once. (Click highlighted text)

Here is my Tumeric Roasted Eggplant recipe. (Click)  I usually do something along these lines, but I leave out the turmeric and thyme and instead of salt, I use my favorite seasoning salt...sometimes add Italian seasoning too and black pepper.