This recipe makes a ton of cookies and they can be kept frozen between pieces of parchment paper.  These were enjoyed by my son, Jonathan and his family. Jon said he ate about twenty of them, however, do watch that as they contain coconut, which is high in fiber!

21/cups Gluten-Free Bake Mix 2 (625 mL)
1 tsp baking soda (5 mL)
1/tsp salt (2 mL)
2 eggs
1 cup butter, softened (250 mL)
1/cup bulk sweetener of choice (75 mL)
Liquid sweetener to equal 11/3  cups sugar (325 mL)
2 tsp vanilla extract (10 mL)
11/tsp unflavored gelatin (7 mL)
1 cup sugar-free chocolate chips (250 mL) 
1 cup unsweetened, desiccated coconut (250 mL)

Preheat oven to 375°F (190°C).

In medium bowl, combine Gluten-Free Bake Mix 2, baking soda and salt. 

In food processor or in bowl with mixer, process eggs.  Add butter, erythritol, liquid sweetener, vanilla extract and unflavored gelatin; process well.  Add dry ingredients; process.  Stir in chocolate chips and coconut.

Form heaping 11/tspfuls of cookie dough.  Place on greased cookie sheet.  Flatten slightly and shape into round forms.  Bake approximately 12 minutes, or until brown underneath cookies.  Allow to cool completely on cookie sheets.  Place in refrigerator in a sealed container.  Use pieces of parchment paper between layers of cookies.

Yield:  48 cookies
1 cookie
94.0 calories
1.6 g protein
8.1 g fat
0.4 g fiber
1.5 g net carbs