PLEASE NOTE: RECIPE LINK is here! Thank you.  This link shows you how to make the mini pies.  This post is filled with some more ideas.

There are so many ideas for the miracle dough.  I made a big pie the other day with tuna (does that sound weird?).  I loved it, but one could just as easily use ground beef in the pie.  I used the whole dough ... rolled it out and placed over top of my tuna mix (which had cauli-rice in it as a tuna helper - could not detect it).  It was so very good.  My hubby was not as enthused, so I practically finished it all by myself in two days flat! Love how well cheese and tuna go together.  That recipe is for another day.  I have to type it up still.  So busy...not enough hours in the day, plus today we have five guests coming up the mountain for dinner.

Here are some more ideas.  I make these little pies in a muffin top pan (the molds are smallish)...filled one lot with Cream Cheese Scrambled Egg, sausage and cheese...served with guacamole...great for breakfast or lunch.

For the Chicken Filling in the mini pies right above this text, I just used my Cream of Mushroom Soup (used 6 oz cream cheese), Chicken cut into bite-size pieces (from one rotisserie chicken), 1/2 cup cooked red onion and 1/3 cup Parmesan cheese. These are small pies and that's a pretty low-carb, tasty filling - and it will fill a ton of pies - you can keep the mixture in the refrigerator...it's nice to eat by itself too. Typically, I add a tablespoon or a little less grated cheese on top of the filling...then enclose with the top crust.  Read here how to make the mini pies (CLICK for the recipe). 

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