What a wonderful treat these are – my new candy love!  Great first thing in the morning for a “pick-me-upper.”  Two or three of these will satiate the appetite for hours!  Fat bombs, so named for their high fat content, are an incredible tool for low-carbers for the very reason that they help satiate the appetite.  Some people who are so used to eating low-fat in the past, have great difficulty in raising the fat in their low-carb diet adequately.  Fat is not the villain we were told that it is.  Here are some great links to reassure you: LINKS

Note:  These set up extremely fast in the can be enjoying your treat very soon after making it!

1/cup coconut oil (125 mL)
2 oz chocolate* (60 g)
1/cup natural peanut butter (125 mL)
2 tbsp powdered sweetener such as erythritol (30 mL)
Liquid sweetener, to taste* 

In double boiler or use 2 pans (one smaller than the other with the bigger one containing water), and over medium heat, melt coconut oil and chocolate.  Stir in peanut butter and erythritol.  Keep stirring until the mixture is thin and completely liquefied.  Add liquid sweetener to taste.  Carefully pour into candy cups, placed in a mini donut pan (I find pouring the mixture into a glass measuring cup with a spout makes it easier).  Freeze and keep in the freezer.

Helpful Hints: *If you choose to use something like 70% Lindt® (somewhat sweet) or Baker’s®  unsweetened chocolate (very bitter), you’ll need to adjust the sweetness accordingly with liquid sweetener (increasing the erythritol is not an option as that increases the risk of recrystallization).  The last amount before pouring into the molds could have a bit of undissolved erythritol.  In that case, use a sieve for the last two candies or so, or simply spread on a greased plate and allow to freeze (as you could run out of donut pans – I only have two mini donut pans - makes 24 candies).  This is actually a great idea.  One could pour the entire mixture on a smaller cookie sheet, freeze and use a blunt knife to break it into pieces.  The “snap” that these fat bombs naturally have in them would lend itself to that very nicely.  Even in the candy molds, there is a snap to the candies, however, within a minute the candy is easier to bite into and it literally melts in one’s mouth.

Yield:  26 fat bombs
1 fat bomb
76 calories
1.3 g protein
7.8 g fat
0.3 g fiber
1.0 g net carbs