Makes the best, yummiest sandwich ever.  Beats store-bought bread!

One whole Sandwich Roll Cut in half to show you how substantial one half is:

Batter is like thick cake batter - use an ice cream scoop for two scoops on top of each other:

Almost done with the 1 hour resting time - look how they have spread!  To get those more uniform shapes, you have to space them apart quite a bit or they run into each other and form other fun shapes.

Fresh and warm straight out of the oven:

Check how the underneath side looks if you use a roasting pan with grill rack and parchment paper.

Compare the underneath side using parchment paper and a cookie sheet - still fine though - just depends what you would prefer:

Another view of the underside using a cookie sheet vs roasting pan with grill rack:

My Sandwich Thins - yummy!

Hmm - Chicken sandwich with store-bought rotisserie chicken:

Egg and Bacon Salad Sandwich: 

The Mozzarella cheese that I can buy it at Costco, I think, because we have a store here called PriceSmart and it is basically the same store as Costco, just with a different name.


This sandwich recipe is now my new favorite!  It is soft and very bread-like.  It is the best gluten-free bread I have yet made.  Why?  First of all, do you know how difficult it is to make a yeast bread using no gluten?  Many of the low-carb, gluten-free breads out there contain a lot of fiber and I mean ... a lot!  So that's not something my husband and I can handle.  Mainly we like this bread because it has no overpowering taste, but it has that bready, yeasty flavor nevertheless.  It is neutral tasting, and has lovely holes for the butter - especially when toasted in a regular toaster! Makes fabulous toast and a great hamburger bun.  You can eat one slice and because it is so big…you can fold it over and it makes a nice sandwich, or you can have the whole roll as a big sandwich.  The only problem is it is too good!  I can’t make these fast enough for my husband.  He finally has a gluten-free bread from me that he really, really likes! In fact, he way prefers it to sandwich bread that one can buy at a store and moans when he is out of this bread. lol  It's to the point that I'm mostly leaving it alone, so that I get a break! ;)  The calories are not out of line either.  One slice of bread from the grocery store is probably around 110 calories or so.  This one is 124 calories. Great for hamburgers too - not too rich, just perfect for hamburgers as well. I cannot emphasize strongly enough that this bread is really worth making.  It took me a few tries to get the recipe to this point where we really love it, but it was certainly worth it!  You are the happy recipients of my hard work. Hope you like it! 

Someone on Facebook remarked to her friend, "How difficult does this look?"  Actually if you look at the's like making muffins.  Combine the dry ingredients.  Combine the wet ingredients...and then mix them together.  Done!  Could not get more simple than that!

Sandwich Thins are actually commercially available.  Apparently they don't taste really good though - like cardboard someone said! Mine definitely don't taste like cardboard as they are moist and yeasty and plain old good! 

Do not try this with Gluten-Free Bake Mix #1 (with xanthan gum)

To cut them in half: Best to turn the roll over (underside up) and using a large, serrated knife, slice in two horizontally. Now you have two thin slices. They can serve as a hamburger roll or for a sandwich.

2 cups Gluten-Free Bake Mix 2 (Click for recipe) (500 mL)
2 tsp baking powder (10 mL)
2  tsp instant dry yeast (10 mL)  
1/tsp baking soda (2 mL)
1/tsp salt (2 mL)
4 eggs
1/cup boiling water (75 mL)
3 tbsp almond milk, OR whipping cream, OR any milk (45 mL)
2 tbsp olive oil (30 mL)
1 tbsp granulated erythritol (15 mL)
11/tsp sugar* (see Helpful Hints below) (7 mL)
11/tsp unflavored gelatin (7 mL) 
1 cup finely grated Mozzarella cheese (500 mL)

Preheat oven to 190°F (88°C).  Place oven rack one notch up from the middle position (this is very important to prevent the bottoms of the rolls from burning).

In medium bowl, combine Gluten-Free Bake Mix, baking powder, instant yeast, baking soda and salt.  Set aside.

In food processor or in bowl with mixer, process eggs well. Add water, almond milk, OR whipping cream, olive oil, erythritol, sugar and gelatin; process.  Add Mozzarella cheese and process again.  Add dry ingredients all at once; process until thickened.  It will have the consistency of a very thick cake batter. 

Spoon two ice cream scoopfuls (standard size), one scoop on top of the other, onto parchment paper on two large cookie sheets, or better yet, on parchment paper on roasting pan with grill rack (the kind that usually comes with your oven - this makes sure the bottoms of the sandwich rolls definitely do not turn too dark; they will be light golden brown). You will make 8 rolls. While doing this, switch the oven off. Space the rolls nicely. They do spread a lot and will usually run into each other (not a problem really) if spaced too closely.  Space far apart to get perfect rounds. Let the batter sit for 1 hour in the warm oven (you can also put them on the stove top if you have something baking in the oven). Take them out after one hour and place on stove top away from drafts. Increase temperature of oven to 325°F (160°C).  Bake about 20 minutes or until turning golden brown in places on top.  If using a cookie sheet, the rolls will be fairly dark brown underneath, but not too dark, if you have placed the oven rack in the correct position as mentioned in the first paragraph of the instructions.

Helpful Hint:  *The sugar is completely consumed by the yeast. To slice these thin rolls in two, turn underside up and using a large, serrated knife slice in two horizontally.  Now you have 2 slices or one roll cut in half. Great for a hamburger too.

Yield:  8 thin rolls
2 slices per roll; 1 slice/1 roll (i.e. 2 slices of bread in one roll)
123.6/246.7 calories
5.8/11.6 g protein
18.6/9.3 g fat
0.1/0.3 g fiber
3.5/6.9 g net carbs