Here is a fabulous way to dress up a plain cheesecake and take it over the top!  I loved this!  I am in the mood for cheesecake now after writing this blog post.  I think I need to make one again very soon!  Cheesecake is pretty benign for low-carbers as far as a dessert goes.  Cheesecake helps increase the fat in the diet (a low-carb diet is higher fat or high fat and adequate protein and low in carbs) and is wonderful for breakfast even.  I know, I know...but it really is!  It satiates for hours and nothing better than with a cup of tea or Java first thing in the morning.  Many low-carbers are still fearful of fat, very often because family and friends who are still indoctrinated by the low-fat era/message will constantly be making them feel uneasy, plus their own years of indoctrination are still there very often.  Here are some links that will help you see that the fear of fat was unfounded!  Despite that, and the fact that low-carb is the very best way of life for anyone with pre-diabetes or diabetes or insulin resistance or battling extreme overweight issues, the low-fat, higher carb message is still being preached.  However, that said, many doctors and professionals are enlightened and this is to their patients' blessing and huge health benefit.


Some more amazing links:

How about some more links?:

Fear of Artificial Sweeteners (I understand this - I still fear aspartame - definitely don't cook and bake with it!)

Fear of Bacon AND this LINK (Nitrates!)

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