Do you miss crunchy snacks on your low-carb diet?  This is one of the tastiest and healthiest ways to get that crunch we sometimes crave!  Research celery (OR see below this post) and see how it is so healthy in so many ways.  I used to avoid celery most of my life, but now I love it and buy it often.  It is possibly an acquired taste, but with the filling, it is awesome, and you will soon acquire the taste too, if you don’t already have the taste for this amazing vegetable.  This appetizer is great for satiating the appetite a bit before a meal.

NOTE:  I discovered that one can peel the outsides of the celery stalks with a potato peeler .... and .... good-bye strings!  It is something I always do now.

8 oz regular cream cheese (250 g)
3 tbsp sour cream (45 mL)
1 tbsp mayonnaise (15 mL)
1/8  tsp seasoning salt, OR salt (0.5 mL)
8 celery stalks
1/3  cup grated sharp Cheddar cheese (75 mL)
In food processor, or blender, process cream cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise and seasoning salt, OR salt, if using.  Process until smooth.  Wash celery sticks and dry well (this is important!). Fill celery stalks which have been cut to about 3-inch (7.5 cm) lengths with cream cheese mixture.  Sprinkle with grated Cheddar cheese, if using. 

Helpful Hints:  Around Christmas time, add 1/4  cup chopped pecans for a festive flair for your appetizers.  You could also add 2 tbsp finely chopped red onion or red bell pepper.  If you like spice, add a bit of hot sauce.

Yield:  4 servings
1 serving, 4 pieces
243.4 calories
6.6 g protein
22.2 g fat
1.2 g fiber
4.1 g net carbs 

The wonders of CELERY! :)

"Celery is a strongly alkaline food that helps to counteract acidosis, purify the bloodstream, aid in digestion, prevent migraines, relax the nerves, reduce blood pressure, and clear up skin problems. Celery contains compounds called coumarins which are known to enhance the activity of certain white blood cells and support the vascular system. Celery’s rich organic sodium content has the ability to dislodge calcium deposits from the joints and holds them in solution until they can be eliminated safely from the kidneys. Celery is a well known natural diuretic and has ample ability to flush toxins out of the body. Celery also has significant anti-inflammatory properties making it an essential food for those who suffer from auto-immune illnesses. It also contains significant amounts of calcium and silicon which can aid in the repair of damaged ligaments and bones. Celery is rich in vitamin A, magnesium, and iron which all help to nourish the blood and aid those suffering from rheumatism, high blood pressure, arthritis, and anemia. Fresh celery juice is one of the most powerful and healing juices one can drink. Just 16 oz of fresh celery juice a day can transform your health and digestion in as little as one week."

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