The taste of this chocolate is awesome! This chocolate makes a fabulous sauce as well (use right away). The hedgehog shapes are fun and substantial.  If you want fancy-looking, tasty chocolate, this recipe is a great recipe for that purpose.  Again, with this recipe, you're cutting down on the amount of sugar alcohols (tummy distress - who wants that?!) or eliminating them entirely, except for the erythritol, which typically isn't a problem for most people.  However, those with a sensitive bladder should completely avoid erythritol.   

  I like them all.  I have to watch dark chocolate as I can get migraines.  I love LOVE chocolate, however, it doesn't always love me back anymore.  That's too bad, hey?  I can typically have white or milk chocolate (in rather small amounts), however.   

1 Batch Condensed Milk (For Baking)  OR THIS ONE
2 oz cocoa butter (melt about 3 min in microwave oven - careful - very hot!!) - if you don't have this   use more chocolate chips or baker's chocolate and sweeten accordingly
1 oz unsweetened baker's chocolate
1/2 cup (3 oz) sugarless chocolate chips, OR
use 70% Lindt chocolate, or gluten-free chocolate of choice
1 - 2 tbsp liqueur of choice (optional)

Prepare condensed milk as directed in blender. Add cocoa butter, melted chocolate (pour boiling water over all the chocolate in a bowl until molten - pour water off - do it twice if necessary) and liqueur, if using.

Spoon into candy molds. One could first add some chopped nuts or whole almonds or hazelnuts to the forms and then pour in the chocolate. Freeze. Use a knife to lift out of forms (from one corner) or flip and flex slightly to release the candies.  Keep the chocolate in the freezer.

In the photo some frosting is visible on the surface of the chocolate, but it does not interfere with the taste which is smooth and creamy.

Helpful Hint: They can be poured into bon bon foil cups (use two foil cups for stability and to keep the shape better).   I don't know how many chocolates you will make, so a carb count is not really possible. The carb count is given for the condensed milk and the chocolate and cocoa butter are minimal carbs spread over many chocolates, so I didn't do the nutritional analysis for the fancy chocolates.

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