The original famous Toll-House® cookies have received a low-carb makeover!  These are awesome cookies and now I understand why the original famous cookies are still so popular after so many years since its creation.  You're going to love these cookies!  Apparently Toll-House cookies are the most popular chocolate chip cookies that get made around the holidays.

Note:  Please feel free to use your own sweeteners.  Just make sure the cookie dough tastes sweet enough to you that's all.

The chocolate chip cookie was invented by the American chef Ruth Graves Wakefield and chef Sue Brides in 1938. She invented the recipe during the period when she owned the Toll House Inn, in Whitman, Massachusetts. In this era, the Toll House Inn was a popular restaurant that featured home cooking.

For example, 3/4 cup sugar sweetness (not 3/4 cup of liquid) using my bottle of EZ-Sweetz sucralose (whether the smaller one 0.5 oz of the bigger bottle 2 oz) would be 18 or 36 drops respectively.  Here is an article about the sweeteners: Part 1. There is another article here: Part 2

21/2 cups Gluten-Free Bake Mix 2, OR (625 mL)
  Gluten-Free, Grain-Free Bake Mix, OR 2 3/4 cups (675 mL)
  Keto Bake Mix, OR almond flour PLUS 1/4 cup oat fiber

1 tsp baking soda (5 mL)

1/4 tsp salt (1 mL)

1 cup butter, softened (250 mL)

  (2 sticks)

Liquid sweetener (sucralose or stevia) to equal 11/4 cups sugar (300 mL)

1/4 cup your favorite bulk sweetener  (60 mL)  

11/tsp pure vanilla extract (7 mL)

1 tsp molasses (5 mL)

2 eggs

2 cups sugar-free chocolate chips, OR this one (500 mL)

1 cup chopped pecans (250 mL)


Preheat the oven to 375°F (190°C). 

In medium bowl, combine Gluten-Free Bake Mix 2, OR Gluten-Free and Grain-Free Bake Mix , OR Keto Bake Mixbaking soda and salt. 

In bowl of mixer, place butter, liquid sweetener, bulk sweetener, vanilla extract and molasses.  Beat until combined and add eggs one at a time while beating.  Add the dry ingredients and beat until combined.  Stir in chocolate chips and pecans.   

Place rounded tablespoonfuls on ungreased cookie sheets.  Flatten very slightly. 

Bake approximately 11 minutes or until golden brown.  Allow to cool and then transfer to a container for the refrigerator.  Separate the cookies with sheets of wax paper. 

Yield:  40 large cookies

1 cookie/Keto

134.2/140.9 calories

2.0/2.6 g protein

11.1/11.9 g fat

0.2/1.1 g fiber

2.3/ 1.7 g net carbs

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