I was actually quite amazed at how tasty these popsicles were.  Real taste of the tropics in a refreshing, creamy popsicle and the carbs are not out of line either.

11/cups chopped, fresh pineapple (325 mL)

1 cup whipping cream (250 mL)

Liquid sweetener (sucralose or stevia) to equal 1 cup (250 mL)

  sugar, OR to taste

1 tsp lemon juice, optional (5 mL)

1/tsp lemon, OR vanilla extract (0.5 mL)


In blender, combine pineapple, whipping cream, liquid sweetener, lemon juice, if using, and lemon or vanilla extract.  Blend on slow speed and then high speed until completely smooth.  Pour into 8 popsicle molds and freeze.

Yield:  8 popsicles

1 popsicle

103.8 calories

0.7 g protein

9.7 g fat

0.3 g fiber

4.0 g net carbs

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