Serve with sour cream or salsa, if desired.  Next 2 photos are a couple of close-ups.

Filled tortilla before going in the frying pan.  Use light-tasting olive oil for the best results.  These tortillas once fried are crispy, golden brown and all round delicious; way better tasting than the flour tortillas we are familiar with.


These are incredibly satiating and so good – better than if you made them with low-carb tortillas or even high-carb tortillas.  Very tasty indeed!  The crispy tortillas are very flavorful and lend themselves to all sorts of fillings.  If you want to get the correct number of tortillas, you will need to use the packaged, shredded Mozzarella cheese – low-fat or whole milk; it doesn’t matter.  I actually prefer the latter these days.  If you grate your own Mozzarella, you will get 1 tortilla less, I found out to my chagrin.

Cheesy Ground Beef:

11/4 lbs lean ground beef (0.6 kg)

3/4 cup water (175 mL)

3 tbsp tomato paste (45 mL)

1 tsp salt (5 mL)

1 tsp dried parsley (5 mL)

1 tsp minced garlic (5 mL)

3/4 tsp ground cumin (3 mL)

1/2 tsp onion powder (2 mL)

1/2 tsp oregano (2 mL)

11/2 cups shredded Mozzarella and (375 mL)

  Cheddar cheeses mixed

Miracle Dough:

2 cups grated Mozzarella cheese (500 mL)

  (finely grated)

2 oz cream cheese (60 g)

11/3 cups Gluten-Free Bake Mix 2, OR Keto Bake Mix (325 mL)  

1 egg

1/tsp Montreal® Chicken seasoning (1 mL)


Cheesy Ground Beef:  In nonstick frying pan, over medium heat, cook ground beef, breaking it up every now and then with a spatula, until no longer pink.  Add water, tomato paste, salt, parsley, garlic, cumin, onion powder and oregano.  Keep cooking until most of the water has evaporated.


Miracle Dough: In medium glass bowl, place Mozzarella cheese and cream cheese; nuke 1 minute and 50 seconds, or until cheese has melted.  Place Gluten-FreeBake Mix 2, OR Keto Bake Mix, on top.  In small bowl, beat egg with fork and beat in Montreal® Chicken seasoning.  Add to glass bowl and mix all together well with a wooden spoon. If dough is too sticky, work in a little coconut flour.  Divide dough into 7 equal pieces.  I used an electronic scale to be precise and they weigh approximately 2.4 oz (68 g) each.


Miracle Dough Tortillas: Flatten ball into a circle.  Cover with plastic wrap and with a heaving rolling pin, roll each ball out to about a 7 or 8-inch (17 - 20 cm) circle.  If at any time the dough becomes more resistant to rolling, nuke 10 seconds.  Place some cheese on one half of the circle and some ground beef. Fold the top half over the filling and seal the edges with your fingers or the tines of a fork.


In nonstick frying pan in light-tasting olive oil, over medium heat, place filled and folded tortilla in the center.  Cook on both sides briefly until golden brown.  Cut in half and serve warm with plenty of sour cream, salsa or guacamole, if desired. 

Yield:  7 filled tortillas

1 serving/unfilled tortilla

510.9/241.8 calories

33.6/12.5 g protein

37.6/18.4 g fat

0.4/0 g fiber

7.3/5.5 g net carbs 

Variation: For another Grain-Free version:  Use a bake mix made up of 2 cups (500 mL) almond flour and 2/3  cup (150 mL) coconut flour.  Usually the carbs are 1 gram less per serving. 

Helpful Hints:  The butter that I normally use in my Miracle Dough is replaced with cream cheese.   I think the butter makes for lovely, crispy, often flaky pie crusts (savory and sweet), but the cream cheese helps these tortillas to be more pliable.