Africa's Snow White #35 Breast Cancer: 2 Angels & 2 Survivors


Research studies show that (on average) 12% of women get Breast cancer.
For 1 lady (daughter of a DES mother) Risk was 17%, much more over 50
Diethylstilbestrol (DES) was given to many pregnant women (1940-1971)
and for every 100 daughters of DES mothers 17 (1 in 6) get BC in their 40's
But that rises to over 30 of every 100 daughters of DES mothers by age 60
That's a 2.5 fold risk increase (250% more than the risk for women overall)
Both her and her younger sister got Breast cancer, but no relatives ever did!
So their risk was 100% not 17% or 30% Medical/drug companies cover up!
All of the ladies (1 exception - but she's no lady!) in these videos got BC in
their 50's or early 60's. They've always been a very special part of my life!
Lee, my prom date in high school, died 2y ago, age 61. Denise's mom at 63
The other 2 ladies, BC survivors, are in their mid 60's, but it's been a struggle!
All of the women in these videos either succumbed to breast cancer, or survived
All except one, who now at age 91 is meaner than ever and never had breast cancer.
That hardly seems fair ...she's the reason 1 of these splendid ladies got breast cancer!
Note: Risk of BC in daughters of DES mothers rises exponentially after 50/60 to 30%

As you watch the videos below - now during October,
Breast cancer awareness month, keep all this in mind.

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🔎Part-3: The Veronica of this real-life love story (VIDEO)

🔎Part-4: The "Damsel in distress" of this real-life love story (VIDEO)

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