30 years of our Low-Carb living Did that work out well - or not?

There's 4 candid πŸ”ŽVIDEOS below that describe just some of my Low-Carb life over the past 30 years
To view them, scroll down to the πŸ”ŽVideo "I made it to (age) Nothing scares me" B&W badges
NOTE: You'll have to un-Mute each video to get sound, as the default is Mute (no sound)

My Low-Carb life from age 35 to 65 (4 videos)

πŸ”ŽVIDEO-1: Jen, Age 37

πŸ”ŽVIDEO-2: Jen, Age 45

πŸ”ŽVIDEO-3: Jen, Age 55

πŸ”ŽVIDEO-4: Jen, Age 65

πŸ”ŽVIDEO-5: Ian, Age 66