Aging Gracefully with Low-Carb (Preserving youthful faces) Part2

 Low-Carb for a youthful face Watch the Video(s) below (Part-2)

About Facial Fat Volume Loss (Enemy #1 of any Youthful Face)

Youthful faces generally have rounded features, a healthy fullness, and smooth, tight skin. But as we age, skin volume declines, often unevenly, much like a grape turning into a raisin. The process is called “soft-tissue atrophy” and results in:

  • Sagging skin
  • Wrinkles 
  • Hollows
  • Withered (atrophied) soft tissue

Loss of facial volume is one of the main reasons people look older than they have to. Maintaining proper weight, never lose weight fast, plus a healthy diet and exercise program may help. But some people still develop a double chin. This happens for two reasons: Their body’s ability to control fat storage and water retention is genetic and out of their control. And they are aging.

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