American Heart Assoc: Low-Carb/Keto/Paleo "Worst Diets"


In the VIDEO (below) we'll Debunk their misinformation in a very personal way!
We'll present our recent CARDIAC test results (after 30 years of Low-Carb living)

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Here's the latest "misinformation" hot off the presses:

Meet Jennifer, our soft-spoken team founder
Here she is, 3 Decades ago, starting Low-Carb, at age 35

3 Decades later ...  older & wiser, she's very glad she did!

These photos (below) span 3 decades of Low-Carbing, from age 35 to age 66 (2023)
Note: These Photos of Jen, cover 3 decades of Low-Carbing, from age 35
 By contrast her genetic sister chose highCarb, highSugar lowFat lifestyle,
ballooning to well over 200lbs! Clearly Low-Carb works! We all know
many examples like that. Low-Carb keeps us Trim, Young & Healthy!
In those 30y, Jen's dealt with slow-Thyroid (Hashi's) making weight loss tough!