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Great to serve with your favorite soup. This is one of my favorite vegetable soups I like to make from time to time:  Rich Roasted Pepper, Tomato and Cheddar Soup


All of a sudden the Chaffles craze found me.  I know it is particularly funny as I am so late to the party.  Books have been written about Chaffles and still I didn't hop on board or make a single chaffle, let alone attempt one. I would see them on Facebook or on blogs and would look at them with interest, but all I had at home was the usual 4-mold waffle maker.  I wanted a cute, small waffle maker, but I could not find them over here. Then one day last week I saw the cutest fire engine red waffle/chaffle maker in an upscale grocery store at the beach.  I knew I wanted it as it matches my fire engine red mixers. It cost me $14.  Apparently they are $10 at Walmart.  My very first chaffle attempt was this one and my husband loves it.  I have made it several times since for him.

I used the pre-shredded Cheddar cheese from the equivalent of Costco here in Central America called Price Smart, but you are welcome to try freshly grated Cheddar cheese; might even work better, you never know.  I would think its melting properties would be better than what I used, nevertheless I didn't encounter a problem.

I cannot tell a lie.  This is whence my inspiration came from: Here  Mine is sufficiently different to call it my own, as not much goes into these chaffles; however, I think I like mine a little better.  She suggests that they could be could be good with a bit of cream cheese spread on them.  That is a great idea although I just eat them plain with maybe a drizzle of honey substitute.  Yep, I do love mixing savory and sweet flavors - then grab a cup of tea to go along with it. My kind of breakfast! 

These go so well with soup instead of bread.  They are super quick and easy to whip up in minutes, so that is a plus as well.  They are savory and not sweet.  I do have a sweet chaffle I will share soon.

Although these waffle makers for one are super cute, sometimes we want to make more, and some people have bought two of these. lol  I would be tempted to use my regular waffle maker for bigger batches of waffles, but what a great idea Chaffles are, and I am so glad I finally tried to make one or two.  I only have two recipes so far, but both are excellent, so I am very excited and very pleased with this new toy of mine.  I have resisted buying air fryers and an instant pot (I have a pressure cooker which I almost never use and I love my slow-cooker).  

 If you do not have a lot of counterspace like me, here is a great trick.  You know the dish rack with your washed dishes?  That takes up counterspace.  Move that over the sink if you have a double sink.  Move the tap to the side without the dish rack, so that you can still use it.  Place a large cutting board over that side (balanced between the counterspace and the dish rack), leaving enough room for the tap to run.  Now you have double the amount of surface space that you had before.  Have fun!  This has worked very well for me.

These low-carb or keto chaffles are one of the first of several recipes I will make in the future, I don't doubt it.  Chaffle recipes are fun and my eldest son says he cannot wait to try them.  If you make one that is fairly bland they could be used for hamburgers or sandwich fixings - the ideas are actually endless.  

I used my bake mix as I always have some on hand; however, it should work just as well with almond flour, as so little is used in this recipe.  If you like you could add seasonings to this recipe such as garlic powder or onion powder or Italian seasoning, but I liked them very well, just simply plain with the Cheddar cheese flavor prominent in these.  They taste amazingly substantial, so I think you will like how nice that is and how filling they are.  A great addition to your breakfast any day, as they are so quick and easy to whisk together and then put the batter in your chaffle maker.




1/2 cup shredded Cheddar cheese, (125 mL)

  Plus a little extra, optional

2 tbsp Gluten-Free Bake Mix 2, OR almond flour (30 mL) 

1 egg

1 tbsp cream, any kind (15 mL)


Heat up the waffle maker.  Brush with light-tasting olive oil, if desired.  It just makes it easier to slide out, but if your waffle maker is new, you may not need it.


In medium bowl, whisk together Cheddar cheese, Gluten-Free Bake Mix 2, OR almond flour, egg and cream with a fork until well combined. Sprinkle waffle maker surface with a few strands of shredded Cheddar cheese.  

Spoon half the mixture onto the preheated waffle maker and a few more strands of shredded Cheddar cheese on top.  Close the lid.  Set a timer for 3 minutes and check your waffle to see if it is done. It could be ready in as little as 2 minutes.  I like it to cook a bit extra to get that crispiness I am after with these particular chaffles. Enjoy!

Yield:  2 chaffles

1 chaffle

211.5 calories

11.8 g protein

17.0 g fat

0 g fiber

2.3 g net carbs

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