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This is an amazingly easy jam that tastes sweet and at the same time fruity.  It is excellent and so easy to make using unflavored gelatin instead of chia seeds or pectin.  I cannot recommend it enough. It is most practical to double this recipe, as then you will have a ton of jam in the fridge and it will last longer.  I find one batch is finished way too quickly.  You can also freeze this strawberry jam; just leave enough head space for expansion.  I am sure this recipe would work with blueberries as well.  I am going to try that next.

We are so addicted to this jam.  It tastes like store-bought jam, but only better and more fruity.

I used mostly liquid sucralose to sweeten my strawberry jam; however, feel free to use your favorite sweetener - just make sure it tastes sweet enough to you.  The sweetness level is really an individual thing.  I like my jam to be quite sweet and closer to the sweetness of commercial jams.  I think any berries would work well with this jam, but I am also betting that peach and apricot jam could be made in a similar manner.  Hmmm, future projects - now to find fresh peaches and apricots - the latter will be more difficult to find in the tropics, but probably in the summertime of the USA, as we get imported fruit then.

Did you notice that I used clotted cream for the scones.  One way of serving it on scones is the Cornish way and the other way is Devonian. The Devon way is clotted cream first and then the jam and the Cornish way is jam first and then the clotted cream.  Needless to say both places are in the UK.

Another use for this sugar-free strawberry jam is to use it on waffles or chaffles.  Delicious!  Or, you could use it in crepes with some cream cheese or you could use it on pancakes.  You can even use it on one-minute muffins.  There are just so many ways to use this fabulous jam to turn whatever it is you are eating into a fabulous treat!  Technically you could also do this with blackberries and Saskatoon berries.  Gosh, I have so many more jams to try out.  I have only made strawberry jam in this fashion and it is a complete hit!  We are thrilled with how quick and easy it is to make as well - perfect for low-carb and keto diets, using buttered low-carb bread or toast, the latter being my preference.  If you have not yet tried my healthy butter, give it a go.  It is another staple in our home.  Another jam you can make is with mixed berries.  As I type I am coming up with all these fabulous alternatives for sugar-free jam and ideas for using it.  You could put this jam in the center of a double-layered chocolate cake.

It is quite expensive to buy sugar-free strawberry preserves, but making your own is so economical.  A fantastic savings and the bonus is that it even tastes better in our opinion.  This jam has a soft set.  Obviously, you could use a little more gelatin if you want the jam to be set even more.

The longer you boil the jam, the more liquid will evaporate and you will have less of a yield.  Follow the instructions and you should get the same results that I did.  The jam will still set just fine after boiling for only 7 minutes once it comes to a full boil.  It sets overnight in the refrigerator.

I have made jam with chia seeds instead of gelatin.  Both ways are nice; however, this is my preference as Ian's system cannot tolerate chia seeds.  He is fine with the gelatin in jam.  This strawberry jam has become a staple for us.  That says it all.



11/2 lbs frozen strawberries, unsweetened (0.68 kg)

1 cup water (250 mL)

1 tbsp fresh lemon juice (15 mL)

Liquid sweetener to equal 11/2 cups sugar (375 mL)

2 to 4 tbsp honey substitute (30 to 60 mL)

1/4 cup water (60 mL)

2 tbsp unflavored gelatin (30 mL)

1 tsp butter (5 mL)


In large pot place frozen strawberries, water and lemon juice.  When the strawberries are softening, use a potato masher to mash the strawberries.  Add liquid sweetener and honey substitute. 


In small bowl, combine water and unflavored gelatin; stir well.  Add to jam along with butter and stir well.  Boil about 7 minutes.  Skim the pink froth from the top of the jam and place it in a bowl.  It is tasty, but it will cloud the final jam product.  Spoon the strawberry jam into jars and seal with the lids.  Allow to cool and refrigerate.  The jam will set overnight. 

Yield:  4 cups (1 L)

1 tbsp (15 mL) per serving

5.2 calories

0.2 g protein

0 g fat

0.2 g fiber

1.1 g net carbs 

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