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Of all my sweet crepe recipes, this is one of my top favorite crepe recipes now.  It is beyond delicious!  As I am writing this, I am determined to make this recipe again as soon as I have the time.

Follow the directions for my ultra low-carb crepes and once those are made, you can continue with this recipe.  The pastry cream is very easy to make.  If you don't have Glucomannan powder, you could use more cornstarch.  1 tsp cornstarch = 2 g carbs. The pastry cream is very easy to make.  The only thing to remember is not to let it come to a boil.  I sieve the pastry cream to make sure it is smooth as can be without any lumps.

Glucomannan powder is available at Walmart.  It is very useful as a thickener.  I am not a fan of any of the gums – they make things taste slimy if one is not very careful and besides that they cut the sweetness of a recipe quite severely.

The chocolate sauce is super easy to make by combining sugarless chocolate chips with cream in a microwaveable dish and then nuking in 30 second increments until the chocolate combines easily with the cream when whisked.

Crepes can be used for savory fillings as well and I love those, but if faced with a savory option or these crepes, it will be a very tough choice, but I'd probably opt for these!

I used large eggs in this recipe, and then only the egg yolks.  Don't throw the egg whites away. Whisk in another 2 eggs with a bit of cream and salt and make some scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Pastry cream normally has more cornstarch in it, but the way I make it, it tastes wonderful and is perfectly thick and substantial enough to hold up well against the high-carb version.  This would be a useful recipe in quite a few applications, so keep it on hand somewhere.  

I drizzled or spooned the chocolate over my crepes using a teaspoon.  Although it could have looked prettier, it did not change the taste.  These are such amazing crepes - awesome enough to serve as dessert to company after a delectable meal.  Easy enough to do if you have the crepes made (just warm them in the oven or microwave oven), fill with cold or closer to room temperature pastry cream and drizzle with chocolate ganache.  Yummy!



Ultra Low-Carb Crepes, (click for the recipe)

  OR My Favorite Low-Carb Crepes

Pastry Cream:

3/4 cup whipping cream (175 mL)

3/4 cup low-carb milk, of choice (175 mL)

Liquid sweetener to equal 1 cup sugar (250 mL)

4 egg yolks

1 tsp glucomannan powder, OR cornstarch (5 mL)

1 tsp cornstarch, OR arrowroot powder (5 mL)

1/8 tsp salt (0.5 mL)

1 tbsp vanilla extract (15 mL)

Chocolate Sauce:

1/2 cup sugarless chocolate chips (125 mL)

4 tbsp whipping cream (60 mL)



Ultra Low-Carb Crepes (click for recipe):  Prepare crepes.


Pastry Cream:  In saucepan, combine cream, low-carb milk and liquid sweetener.  Bring to a slow simmer.


In small bowl, whisk egg yolks and add a small amount of the hot cream mixture to temper them.  Add back to rest of sauce over low heat, whisking all the while.


In small bowl, combine glucomannan powder (OR cornstarch, OR arrowroot powder), cornstarch, OR arrowroot powder and salt.  Whisk the dry powder mixture into the sauce.  Whisk until it thickens.  Do not boil.  Sieve to remove any lumps.  Pour into a shallow, wide dish.  Refrigerate until chilled.


Chocolate Sauce:  In small bowl combine chocolate chips and whipping cream.  Nuke in microwave oven on high in 30 second increments until chocolate softens and it is possible to whisk it into the warm cream.


Warm the crepes.  Spread 2 tbsp (30 mL) pastry cream over each crepe and roll up.  Place filled crepes in a casserole dish.  Drizzle with chocolate sauce.

Yield:  11 servings

1 filled crepe with chocolate

174.6 calories

5.4 g protein

13.6 g fat

0 g fiber

2.7 g net carbs 

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