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These are tasty confections - great for a snack and wonderful for the holidays as well. It is a keeper recipe.  These creamy treats will call your name.  I know I couldn't wait to try them - delicious is the verdict!  I keep them chilled in the refrigerator. Being lemon-flavored, these make a perfect Springtime treat!

They are deliciously creamy due to the heavy cream and butter in these truffles.  A few drops of yellow food coloring gives them a sunny look, enhancing the natural pale yellow hue given by the lemon juice and zest.

Fresh lemon juice and zest gives these confections a fresh lemon flavor and the combination with white chocolate is just lovely.

These rich citrusy balls are rolled in a sweet coconut mixture.  If you do not like coconut, you could roll them simply in your favorite powdered sweetener.

These would be a nice sweet to take to a summer picnic.  I am thinking of doing just that soon.  I would keep them in the cooler though.

These confections are easy and very quick to make.  Next to dark and milk chocolate, lemon is the flavor favorite of many people, and certainly it is mine.

You can use a 1-tbsp cookie scoop, but since I didn't have one, I simply used a measuring spoon.  This makes a simple but elegant dessert as well.

Leaving them at room temperature could make them melt a bit especially in hot, humid weather.  I keep them in an airtight container in the fridge.  If you prefer you could change the flavor up and make these with limes or oranges.  It is a very easy recipe to change up the flavor as a result.  If you make the orange flavor, you could dip them in melted chocolate  (with a bit of butter or cream) and freeze to harden the chocolate, and after that refrigerate them or roll in cocoa powder, coconut or finely chopped nuts.  Yum, what a great idea!  I might just make that next, but I would be tempted to use dark chocolate as I love dark chocolate orange chocolates.  Our youngest son also loves that flavor and when he was young I would buy him a chocolate orange for Christmas.  He loved that and always looked forward to it.

These confections will be most people's favorite, so be prepared to supply the recipe to those folks who ask for it.  I didn't use lemon extract in these as that tends to give them a more artificial taste.


1 cup sugarless white chocolate chips (250 mL) 

3 tbsp heavy cream (45 mL)

2 tbsp lightly salted butter, OR (30 mL)

  unsalted butter

2 tbsp lemon zest (30 m)

2 tbsp freshly-squeezed lemon juice (30 mL)

Yellow food coloring (optional)

6 tbsp vanilla whey protein powder (90 mL)

1/cup Monkfruit Allulose sweetener, OR (60 mL)

  sweetener of choice

Liquid sweetener, to taste

1.4 oz cocoa butter, melted in microwave oven (40 g)

Coconut Covering:

1/cup unsweetened shredded coconut (75 mL)

1 tbsp sweetener, of choice (15 mL)



In microwaveable bowl, combine white chocolate chips, heavy cream and butter.  Nuke in 30 second increments until white chocolate has melted completely; whisk mixture until smooth.  Whisk in lemon zest, lemon juice and lemon coloring, if using. Stir in vanilla whey protein powder, Monkfruit Allulose sweetener, OR sweetener of choice, until smooth.  

Stir in cocoa butter, and if it is not coming together nicely, also stir in a little extra whey protein powder.  Place mixture in refrigerator until chilled.  Form balls with 1 tbspfuls (15 mL) of mixture.  On dinner plate, combine coconut and sweetener. Roll truffles in coconut mixture.  Place on another clean dinner plate and refrigerate overnight, before serving.

Yield:  20 truffles

1 truffle

111.1 calories

2.1 g protein

8.5 g fat

5.0 g fiber

1.2 g net carbs 

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