These are very low in carbs and taste pretty good considering. Do not be tempted to use all coconut flour.  It does not taste as good.  Nor will it taste as good with almond flour instead of oat flour. When people think of crepes, they think of sweet fillings, but crepes make delicious envelopes for savory fillings too.  I used the Chicken Spinach Alfredo as a filling for mine (leave out the sweetener if making crepes for savory fillings - although it won't hurt).

A couple of other crepe recipes that you may enjoy:  Here and Here

9 oz regular cream cheese (255 g)
15 eggs
6 tbsp coconut flour (90 mL)
3 tbsp gluten-free oat flour, OR for Grain-Free use (45 mL)
  mild-tasting Buckwheat flour (a seed flour) by Anthony's
Liquid sweetener to equal 4 tbsp sugar (60 mL)
  (leave out for savory applications)
11/tsp vanilla extract (7 mL)

In food processor, process cream cheese.  Add eggs; process.  Add coconut flour, oat flour, liquid sweetener and vanilla extract and process until smooth, scraping down the sides at least once and processing again.

Use 1/cupfuls (75 mL) batter for each crepe and a larger, nonstick 8-inch (20 cm) pan.  Tilt pan to coat with batter.  Cook over medium heat and reduce to lower heat as necessary.  Flip crepe when it is easy to slide a spatula underneath it and top is setting nicely.  Cook a few seconds on the second side.  Set aside in covered casserole dish.  If you need to keep them warmer, place them in the oven in the covered casserole dish at a low heat of 190°F (88°C).  Brush pan with a smidge of olive oil between every other crepe (not included in analysis).

Yield:  18 large crepes
1 large crepe
124.2 calories
7.1 g protein
9.0 g fat
1.0 g fiber
2.3 g net carbs