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This is my kind of cheesecake!  I think I had most of this cheesecake all by myself.  My husband likes the very firm cheesecakes, but I am more in favor of ultra-creamy, softer cheesecakes. which is easier to accomplish with no-bake cheesecakes.  This cheesecake is a cheesecake of my dreams!  It has a shortbread crust and a lemony, creamy cheesecake filling with the cheesecake flavor enhanced by a delicious and beautiful, bright Strawberry Lemon Sauce.

The shortbread crust does not have to be baked.  It is simply pressed into the springform pan and frozen until time to add the filling. The amount of butter in the crust allows it to set up beautifully, even without baking it.  I like to add a little almond extract to enhance the almond flavor in this predominantly almond flour crust.

The strawberry sauce is wonderful.  Please wait for it to cool down in the fridge first.  I was in much too much of a hurry and added it too soon.  I wanted to take the pics and head down to the beach for a swim, and that's my only excuse.  The strawberry sauce should only be added to the cheesecake once it has thoroughly chilled and set up in the refrigerator.

This dessert is perfect for hot days when you do not want to turn on your oven.



Shortbread Crust:

2/3 cup Gluten-Free Bake Mix 2 (150 mL)

2/cup ground almonds, OR almond flour (150 mL)

3 tbsp bulk sweetener (45 mL)

1/2 cup butter, melted (125 mL)

1/8 tsp almond extract, OR (0.5 mL)

  vanilla extract (double this one)


24 oz cream cheese, softened (680 g)

11/2 cups whipping cream (375 mL)

Liquid sweetener to equal 1 cup sugar (250 mL)

Bulk sweetener to equal 1/2 cup sugar (125 mL)

 (such as an allulose blend)

6 tbsp fresh lemon juice (90 mL)

2 tsp vanilla extract (10 mL)

2 tbsp water (30 mL)

4 tsp unflavored gelatin (20 mL)

Strawberry Lemon Glaze:

10 oz frozen, unsweetened strawberries (300 g)  

1 tbsp water (15 mL)

2 tbsp fresh lemon juice (30 mL)

2 tsp water (10 mL)

11/2 tsp unflavored gelatin (7 mL)


Crust:  In medium bowl, combine Gluten-Free Bake Mix 2, ground almonds, OR almond flour and bulk sweetener.  Stir in butter and almond, OR vanilla extract.  Press into 8 or 9-inch (20 or 23 cm) springform pan.  Place in freezer while preparing the filling.


Filling:  In food processor, or in bowl with mixer, process cream cheese.  Then add whipping cream, liquid sweetener, bulk sweetener, lemon juice and vanilla extract.  In small bowl pour water and stir in gelatin.  Nuke gelatin mixture 40 seconds.  Allow to cool down before adding to the cheesecake batter; mix well in food processor or in bowl with mixer.  Pour over frozen crust and refrigerate to set up.


Strawberry Lemon Glaze:  In microwaveable dish place strawberries and water.  Nuke 1 minute.  Slice strawberries.  Add lemon juice and sweetener.  In small bowl pour water and mix in the gelatin.  Nuke the gelatin mixture 39 seconds.  Allow to cool and then stir into the strawberries.  Allow the mixture to chill in the refrigerator and then pour over the cheesecake.

Yield:  12 servings

1 serving

427.4 calories

9.7 g protein

40.2 g fat

1.2 g fiber

7.4 g net carbs 

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