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LOVE AT FIRST BITE CHICKEN (How did it get it's name? Video below explains)
Buttered and seasoned

Ham and then the sauce

2 slices Swiss cheese and the crumb topping

Just out of the oven!


This recipe is so good that it was "Love at first bite" for us!  This recipe has 2 chicken breasts butterflied, topped with a rich cream sauce, ham and Swiss cheese slices and a light topping of almond flour, Parmesan cheese with a touch of paprika.  It is baked to golden perfection!  However, I missed mentioning the secret to this chicken being so incredibly tender and juicy.  Before doing any of that the chicken is brushed with melted butter and topped with seasoning salt and black pepper, and then everything else is added.  Nothing left now but to bake.  Such an easy recipe and you will be assured of rave reviews, trust me on that!

This recipe is very rich and totally packed with delicious flavor, so pair it with light sides and it will be a good combination. You could even serve it with a salad.

Love at first bite chicken is so easy to make and quick to get onto the table as a result.  Great for busy days and you are bound to keep everyone in the whole family very happy and satisfied.  This is the chicken recipe of chicken recipes to give a try.



2 large chicken breasts

2 tbsp butter, melted (30 mL)

1 tsp seasoning salt (5 mL)

1/tsp black pepper (2 mL)

Creamy Spicy Mustard Sauce:

3 oz cream cheese, softened (125 g)

3 tbsp mayonnaise (45 mL)

1 tsp spicy brown mustard, OR (5 mL)

  whatever you have on hand like Dijon mustard


4 slices Swiss cheese

2 slices ham (fairly thick)

1 tbsp almond flour (15 mL)

1 tbsp Parmesan cheese (15 mL)

1/4 tsp paprika (1 mL)

Chopped green onions


Preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C).  Grease a cookie sheet real well.


Butterfly chicken breasts without cutting all the way through.  My chicken breasts were not huge, so I used an economy of cheese and ham.  You may need more to place on either side of the butterflied chicken, if yours are larger chicken breasts. 

Brush the chicken with melted butter and sprinkle with a mix of the seasoning salt and black pepper on both chicken breasts.  Then place one slice of ham, all Creamy Spicy Mustard Sauce and then 2 slices of Swiss cheese on both chicken breasts. In small bowl, combine almond flour, Parmesan cheese and paprika. Sprinkle this crumb seasoning over top of the Swiss cheese.  Bake 30 minutes or until chicken cut through the thickest part is white throughout.  Garnish with chopped green onions.

Creamy Spicy Mustard Sauce:  Soften cream cheese by nuking in the microwave briefly (cover to prevent splattering).  Stir in mayonnaise and spicy brown mustard, OR alternative.

Yield:  4 servings

1 serving

384.6 calories

26.5 g protein

29.6 g fat

0.3 g fiber

2.2 g net carbs

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