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In the photo below, the egg white is already mixed in.

Out of the oven - crispy and gorgeous!  Like chips!  Better than plain cheese chips.


Do you miss crispy, crunchy snacks?  Look no further than these easy-to-make healthy Crispy Cheese chips.  These might become your next favorite snacking chip.  You can eat these chips without feeling guilty as they are almost carb-free!  Depending on how many you eat, at 0.2 grams whole carbs each, you're not going to do too much damage - and only 9 calories per chip.  They are more satisfying than potato chips, for instance, and thus they are self-limiting, I find.  Great with a glass of wine or champagne, too, as an appetizer for guests.

These chips do not taste eggy at all.

I store the remainder of the chips in a sealed cookie tin.  If you live in a humid climate, they will become chewy by the next day.  Nuke 2 of them for 10 to 20 seconds and they are ready to enjoy again - crispy as can be, just like before.  Try the first number of seconds first, and let them cool for a minute and see.  Don't nuke them too much or they will turn too dark in color and won't taste as good.  Do not ask me how I know. Haha.

You can definitely play with these.  You could add some seasonings to them like everything bagel seasoning (I've not found that in stores here), which I hear is so good, onion powder or garlic powder.  You can also change up the cheese, depending on what you prefer.  These are good fairly bland chips that are excellent for snacking or for using as a dipping chip.  I would bake them just before company comes, if that is what you are using them for.  Just have everything ready and beat your egg whites stiff, and the rest goes quite quickly, especially if you have 2 muffin pans.  Everyone will appreciate these tasty Crispy Cheese chips, even if they are not low-carbers.

If you are a habitual snacker, these Crispy Cheese Chips will keep you on your low-carb diet without derailing your efforts. These are a savory snack and if savory snacks are what you like, these will become a favorite for you.  As I mentioned before, they can be an even more substantial snack when using them with your favorite dip.

You could put the cheese mixture in small piles on a parchment-lined baking sheet, but doing it in a muffin pan ensures uniformity.   Don't use foil as the chips will stick to it most likely.

As I mentioned, you can change up the flavor of these chips and individualize the recipe to suit your own tastes or those of your family.  Welcome to your new favorite crunchy snack - I hope so, anyway.  They are my favorite at the moment.  I have made many cheese chips before this, but this really takes them up a notch as they are extra sturdy and crunchy.  Low-carb cheese chips just don't get any better than this, I think.  I used shredded Mozzarella cheese from the equivalent of Costco, but I am sure regular grated Mozzarella cheese from a block should work just fine as well.  I have the pre-shredded cheeses on hand for the sake of convenience.

I imagine you could even add a bit of ranch seasoning to these.  Be careful to use just a little as you don't want the chips to be too salt-tasting.  Now you just need to find your favorite dip and this makes a special appetizer for the holidays.  You could even mix Mozzarella cheese and grated Parmesan cheese - that would be plenty salty enough!

Note:  What to do with the remaining egg yolks?  Don't throw them away.  Keep them in the fridge and the next morning, add two eggs to them to make scrambled eggs.  Don't forget to add some cream cheese bits to your scrambled eggs, towards the end of cooking time.


4 egg whites (from large eggs)

  (see blurb above for suggestion to use the egg yolks)

Cheese Mix (repeat 4x - have 4 bowls of this mix):

1/2 cup shredded Mozzarella cheese, (125 mL)

  OR cheese of choice

2 tbsp Gluten-Free Bake Mix 2, OR almond flour (30 mL)




Preheat the oven to 400°F (200°C). 


In bowl with whipping assembly, whip egg whites until stiff peaks form. 


In 4 medium bowls, combine Mozzarella cheese and Gluten-Free Bake Mix 2, OR almond flour.  Stir in 5 tbsp of the whipped egg white fluff.  Fill 9 greased muffin cups (grease the bottoms only) of a muffin pan.  Don’t make them too thick; spread the mixture as evenly as possible between the 9 muffin cups.  Bake 11 to 14 minutes until golden brown.  Check up on them as they brown quickly towards the end.  Let cool and remove the chips with a knife.  They should slide out easily.  You can serve them just like that as a snacking chip or serve them with a dip.  Repeat this process 3 x more with the remaining chip mix in the other 3 medium bowls.  When possibly no longer crispy the next day (humid climates), nuke 2 at a time for 10 to 20 seconds and they will be crispy as can be again. 

Yield:  36 (9 x 4) chips

1 chip

8.9 calories

0.8 g protein

0.5 g fat

0 g fiber

0.2 g net carbs 

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