It is wonderful to enjoy low-carb jams occasionally.  I make them quite frequently and almost always have some in the refrigerator.  It keeps me happy and satisfied to have something sweet to spread on my crackers or low-carb toast, etc.  These are jams made using either fruit pectin for sugar-free jams, chia seeds or unflavored gelatin.

Strawberry Jam, Strawberry Rhubarb Jam, Raspberry or Blueberry Jam and Peach Nectarine Jam using No-Sugar-needed fruit pectin  - Find the recipes HERE 


This jam is so easy to make and very quick once the chia seeds have finished soaking for 20 minutes.  My husband and I are in love with this jam.  You can use other fruits such as strawberries or mixed berries.  The only drawback is that I found I needed to use a lot of sweetener as chia seeds tend to work against the sweetening power of sweeteners.  This is where one definitely could use the synergy of two sweeteners.  I suspect xylitol would be a great sweetener to use in this jam, however, if you have dogs refrain from using it as it is deadly for them, causing prolonged hypoglycemia. Find the recipe HERE.  I usually double this recipe to save time later.


Excellent jam!  We love this jam made with unflavored gelatin.  I make this one often as my husband cannot tolerate chia seeds - too much fiber for his system.  Highly recommend that you double this recipe.  Remember any of these jams will freeze well.  Just leave enough head space for expansion of the jam once frozen. Find the recipe HERE.


Some of these jams could be considered keto, but not all of them.  I am a moderate low-carber, so all these jams are fine for my husband and me.  Sugar-free jam is a lot better than the incredibly sugary jams on the market.  They taste good, but not that good, as most of them tend to taste less fruity than sugar-free jams.  So, we do have that positive aspect to our jams.  Sugar is so very addictive that unless one is off sugar maybe these jams will not make you happy.  However, once sugar in your life is out or down to a dull roar, these jams will be very yummy and suitable to keep you on track.  I used old sugar jam jars (ironically) to fill with my low-carb jams.  I do tend to keep nice jars for that reason.  Sometimes I use these jams on pancakes or waffles or chaffles - it works!  Add a dollop of sweetened whipped cream and you have a tasty dessert-like breakfast.  I always like those and to assuage my conscience, I add a sausage on the side for some extra protein.  Did you know that unless you get enough protein in the day, your body will crave protein and drive you to eat more and more until you satisfy its needs.  Interesting!  Sometimes I add vanilla extract or blueberry or strawberry extract to the jams to intensify the flavor.  It actually works very well.  Try it!  These jams freeze well, so keep that in mind.  You can double, triple or quadruple these recipes for convenience.  I usually double the recipes.  Since they do not contain sugar, make sure not to contaminate them by, for instance, double dipping, as the jam will go bad more quickly.  Keep it very clean and it will last a long time in the fridge.  These are examples of sugar-free jams made with pectin, chia seeds or gelatin.  You can pick what sounds good to you or decide based on what is easiest for you, or based on what you have in the house.

This is a super easy recipe for marmalade that you will love if you are missing this jam.  Find the recipe HERE.

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